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Simpson General Hospital and each of its affiliated clinics serve all patients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.

For more information, ask at the front desk or read further on this page.

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Simpson General Hospital is committed to offering financial assistance to people who have health care needs and are not able to pay for care. You may be able to get financial assistance if you are not insured or underinsured. Simpson General strives to make sure that the financial capacity of people who need health care services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care. This is a summary of the Simpson General Hospital Financials Assistance Policy (FAP).

Financial Assistance Policy

Availability of Financial Assistance

You may be able to get financial assistance if you are not insured, underinsured, or if it would be a financial hardship to pay in full the expected out of pocket expenses for services at Simpson General. Please note that there are certain service exclusions that are not typically eligible for financial assistance, including, but not limited to cosmetic services and/or other services.

Eligibility Requirements

Financial assistance is generally determined by a sliding scale of total household income based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). If you and/or the responsible party’s incomes combined is at or below 100% of the federal poverty guidelines, you will have no financial responsibility for the care given by Simpson General Hospital. If you fall between 101-250%, you may get discounted rates for the care received. No person eligible for financial assistance under the FAP will be charged more for emergency or other medically necessary care than amounts generally billed to individuals who have insurance. Please refer to the full policy for a complete explanation and details.

Where to Find Information

There are many ways to find information about the FAP application process, or get copies of the FAP or FAP application form. To apply for financial assistance you may:

  • Download the application online here
  • Request the information in writing by mail or by visiting the Business Office at Simpson General
  • Request the information by calling 601-847-7131

How to Apply

The application process involves filling out the financial assistance form and submitting the form along with the supporting documents to Simpson General Hospital for processing. You may also apply in person by visiting the Patient Access Services Center at the address listed below. Financial assistance applications are to be submitted to the following office:

Simpson General Hospital
Attn: Business Office
1842 Simpson Hwy 149,
Mendenhall, MS 39114

Application Support Documents

Listed below are some items that may be requested as forms of proof of income and/or identification:

• Prior year tax return

• W-2 form

• Recent pay stubs

• Letter from employer

• Form 4506T (if W-2 not filed)

• Bank statements

• Unemployment check stub or determination letter if drawing unemployment

• Current utility bills (form of I.D.)

• If income is from a retirement fund, pension, rental property, etc., provide proof of the source and amount of income received.

Swing Bed Payment


Original Medicare will cover skilled swing bed services if the following criteria are met:


1. The patient has Medicare Part A and has days left in his/her benefit period available to use.
2. The patient has a consecutive, three-day acute inpatient hospitalization within the past 30 days.
3. A doctor has determined the patient needs daily skilled care.

Medicare coverage is limited to 100 days of skilled swing bed care. If the patient meets skilled criteria, Medicare will cover 100% of the first 20 days. The patient may be discharged before 20 days if the daily skilled criteria are met; the physician will determine how long the patient stays.

For patients who require a stay beyond 20 days, co-insurance or self-payment will be assigned from day 21 to 100. Private insurances and Medicare Advantage plans are accepted if the individualized plan is in-network and meets SGH’s admission requirements.

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